England Temp…don’t buy it


I’m 57, and live in Southern England.  Since the late 1980s, we’ve been bombarded with “Britain is hotting up”, thanks (apparently) to global warming… except it doesn’t seem like it.  Certainly, Winters don’t seem as cold as they were when I was a child, but then Summers don’t seem as warm either.

So what’s the truth? Is Britain (and I prefer to say ‘England’, as that’s where I live) really warming up?   I mean, really?  Is it warmer here in England now, than it was when I was born in 1959?


Let me repeat that… NO.

The thing is, when we say ‘warmer’ we expect it to be significantly warmer.  The sad fact is that England is no warmer now than it was.  It can still be miserably cool on a Spring or Autumn day here – and I do mean damn cool!  In terms of actual temperature, it was an average of 10.5 degrees C in the year I was born…and in 2015 it was 10.3!


As you can see from the graph, the average temperature in England has risen just a fraction of a degree in my 57 years.  So, just to be clear, when you hear some idiot from the BBC, or the Guardian, or Channel 4, saying that Britain’s temperature is getting so warm that blue tits don’t know what to do with themselves, take it all with a pinch of salt.  This graph is, after all, from the Met Office.

And how good is the Met Office at taking these temperatures?  As you can see (despite all you’ll read in the Guardian!) there has been no real rise in temperature in England in my lifetime.  But what if records of temps aren’t very good?  Take a look at this…

Weather station

This sorry picture was taken in September 2015.  It shows a gas heater, with an exhaust on top, located just a few yards away from one of Britain’s foremost weather stations that has “the longest series of temperature records for one site in Britain“, the Radcliffe station in Oxford.  And look how we are treating it.  The gas heater is warming a large marquee.  This weather station is one of THE most important stations in the world!  When it was originally sited, there were no buildings anywhere near it.  Would you trust its recordings now – compared to past recordings?  And this is in Britain!  Think what is happening to weather stations in foreign countries where they aren’t as diligent as we are!  It’s a joke, isn’t it?

So, if anything, I like to think that the temperature in England in my lifetime has actually fallen a little, and that the graphs don’t support that conjecture because the way recordings are being taken…badly.

No matter what you believe about GLOBAL warming, the fact is that in England the temperature has NOT risen during my 57 Summers.  And the above picture leads me to think that it may even have been over-estimated as of the past couple of decades or so.  The Met Office takes all the recordings, then ‘adjusts’ them for the ‘urban island heat effect’ and such.  Yeah, ok.


As can be seen here, June temperatures (the orange line) haven’t risen AT ALL in England since 1650!  Winter temps have risen…but only by 1 to 1.5 degrees C in 350 years!  And as you can see, not at all in my lifetime.  The long downward spike you can see between 1950 and 1975 is the Winter of 1963.  I was too young to remember it, but my family have told me how cold it was.

So, what does it all mean?  It means that the Guardian readers are being duped by the rubbish that ‘newspaper’ publishes, and that TV viewers are being lied to on a regular basis by the BBC and CH4.  As I said, your views on GLOBAL warming are whatever they are, and I’m not arguing about that.  But there has been NO warming in England in my lifetime…FACT.

Excellent website for reading:  https://notalotofpeopleknowthat.wordpress.com/

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